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Meet our team of storytellers

Our team's love for creativity and storytelling led to the creation of Snackable. We combine our talent with your brand to create unique stories that your audience will remember for a long time.

Founder and CEO

Ashish Chawla

A strategist looking to transform the art of branding and storytelling, one at a time

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Prachi Jaruhar

An artist and marketer experimenting with realism and surreality, disruption and harmony

Motion Graphics Designer

Shubham Rai

A graphic-motion artist seeking to have fun while breathing life into design

Content Writer

Shreya Tilekar

A word weaver and a perpetual nerd driven by art, philosophy, and psychology

Graphic Design Intern

Mrinal Yadav

A travel junkie stimulated with colors and putting storyboards into perspectives

Graphic Design Intern

Dichen Sherpa

A photography enthusiast using the art of design as an aperture to showcase new ideas

Why Snackable?

Get access to a unique fusion of custom storytelling and motion graphics

We take your authentic stories and spice’em up with new ideas and creative execution to give you a visual extraordinaire.


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Logo Animation

Brand Promotion - Co - Marketing Activities - Product Launches & Campaign - Media Relations & Pr


Social Media

Web Design - Video Conferences - Social Media Management - Engagement Activities - Gaming & Entertainment - App Development - Online Voting Systems

Snackable happens when your story meets our team's creativity

Featured Stories


Chief Executive Officer (Healthcare Industry)

As someone who works in the healthcare industry, I believed it was important to raise awareness about various initiatives that treat critical healthcare concerns. The Snackable team

understood my requirements and helped me in creating engaging content that resonated with the voice of my brand.

Managing Director and Consultant (Finance Sector)

As a thought leader, I was always on the lookout for new ways to engage with innovators and problem solvers. I

wanted to create content that my target audience could relate to and the Snackable team helped me achieve that.

Director and Consultant (Business Consultancy Services)

As the owner of a business that assists management professionals and organizations with upskilling programs and digital transformations, I needed to create video content that would get the right message across while

maintaining the brand identity of my company. The team at Snackable understood my requirements and helped me create engaging videos.

IT Services and IT Consulting Firm

The Snackable team helped us in revamping our brand identity with their creative ideas and exceptional

storytelling skills. This enabled us to boost brand awareness and expand our business.

Director and Chief Executive Officer (Telecommunications Firm)

Snackable enabled me in meeting my unique requirements for developing my web presence. With the correct combination of thoroughly researched content and creative stories, the team supported me in building expertise and advancements in the telecommunications

niche. The work done by the snackable team in aiding me to make relevant video content has contributed to the growth of my business and the establishment of myself as an industry leader.

Telecommunications and IT Services Consulting Firm

It is critical for businesses to have an impactful brand voice, especially as we are operating in  the Telecommunications industry. The Snackable team enabled us to interact with the relevant audience online by creating a unique blend of

videos that voiced our brand identity. We were able to expand our business and build a strong community with the help of the Snackable team.